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Shadowdawn Genesis
Empire's Badge
The Empire
Seikyo (LOCKED)
Bahren (LOCKED)
Eilvion (LOCKED)
Grath (LOCKED)
Xalmeise (LOCKED)
Archon (LOCKED)
Technomancy (LOCKED)
Arkana War (LOCKED)
Races (LOCKED)

The Foxfire Empire
Population Rank: 2nd - Capital City: Seikyo - Most Populated City: Bahren
Demographics: Human (common), Human (Fractalian),
Kalille (very rare), Selkari (rare)
Prism Affinity: Life
Primary Exports: Kethrilite (a hard, translucent metal), Iron,
Gold, Martial Weapons, Rubin (fish)
Technology Level: Varies Greatly
Military: Footsoldiers, snipers, naval fleet

The Empire is one of the most diverse civilizations in the known world. The government contains both a long-standing ruling family, and a small elected Parliament chosen from each of the six major regions that relay the will of the people to the Emperor. The origins of the name "Foxfire" are a mystery, but some believe it has to do with an ancient battle between the founders and the Prism of Destruction's avatar, widely known to be a demonic fox.

The general population, including the Imperial family, shuns technology as they prefer a way of life more in tune with self-discipline and spirituality. However, an aggressor would be foolish to take on this culture of practiced warriors as they will fight tooth and nail to the bitter end. Should the technological advantage of a rival army be far superior, Foxfire hoards several devices in the capital city to counteract such insults to the art of war. Port Bahren, the country's largest city, also has several defensive capabilities including technomancy cannons that easily rival the power of their eternal enemies, Xalmeise.

Aside from the regular army, the Emperor also has a dedicated group of eight retainers known as the Kinshutai. They act as enforcers and also strategists, often collaborating with the army's Generals. They are the best fighters in all the land, and viewed by the entire population as heroes, champions, and representatives.

Legends of the ancient City of Life, Garland, have become a recent topic among the people, as vacations in the vast ruins have increased tourism. None of the Kinshutai have the heart to tell them that there is no treasure left to be found.

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